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Train Running Status

What is Train Status?

Train running status is the approximate location of a train with the time calculated for its arrival at a desired station. Train status save us waiting for trains at stations. Basically we do train enquiry and find it's estimated arrival time on a particular station and on particular date to spot your train.

How to know the current live position of the train or exact location?

There are lots of sites available on the net but only few gives correct train status and knowing it correctly is must or you will miss the train.
Well I have some list of sites where you can track your desired train.
At first is a great site to spot your train. When you enter this url you will be redirected to this site: which is National Train Enquiry System.
At National Train Enquiry System you can do: Spot Your Train | Live Station | Train Between Stations | Train schedule | Trains Cancelled | Rescheduled. Just go to check these things.
So, don't be amazed by such redirection, both are government operated sites and give correct train status.
Second is I would recommend this site because its correct, well designed and give all related information of trains.

After opening any one of the above sites you have to enter the train number which is printed on your ticket and hit enter. If you dont know the train number you can search for the trains on a specific date too.

Why we need to search for Trains Running Status when we know the time?

Well this question is not for Indians as they know why. This question is for foreigners who visit India and don't know much about India. So answer goes like this, that we need to know the running status of the trains because in India almost every train is late from its original scheduled time. This is due to bad management by the Railway Ministry and irresponsibility of the officers posted in railway section. Also the trains are not of very good condition, the engines of the trains are almost more than 40 years old and some of them are from British time. Only ver few new engines are installed for some routes.
Two best long route trains are Rajdhani Express & Shatabdi express.

Train Status
train running status-

For any help or queries regarding your train running status  or any other query related to this topic are warmly welcomed.

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